Supercritical Extraction

A supercritical fluid is unique in combining the properties of a gas and a liquid into one. This allows it to enter the source material as easy as if it was a gas and dissolve the desired material as if it was a liquid.
By using Carbon Dioxide (CO₂) as a solvent, extractions can be made at a low operating temperature (hardly above ambient) and therefore preserve sensitive active ingredients and ensuring a higher quality product.
By simply reducing the operating pressure at the end of the extractions, CO₂ returns to its gaseous state leaving the extracted valuable products behind without any traces of solvents as such avoiding expensive and energy consuming refining stages. The CO₂ is then recycled to the start of the process reducing as much as possible solvent losses. Choose for your extractions SUPERCRITICAL FLUID EXTRACTION with carbon dioxide:
- Low temperature extractions under inert process conditions
- No deterioration of the active ingredients or their efficacy due to the extractive process
- No traces of chemical solvents which might reduce the use of the product in certain applications (bio, GMP)

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